Who can apply?

The LIVE-I consortium will select applicants to the programme on the basis of high academic achievement, the fit of individual projects with the LIVE-I profile, and an assessment of each candidate’s potential and commitment to complete high-quality research. The consortium will also take into account principles of gender equality.

Academic criteria:

Applicants must be in a position to complete a master by research degree or an equivalent diploma (before the beginning of the PhD position) or have completed (< 4 years) a master by research degree or an equivalent diploma. Note that Early-Stage Researchers (ESR) must at the date of recruitment be in the first four years (i.e after their master) of their research careers.

International criteria:

As part of a researcher mobility programme applicants are therefore required to undertake transnational mobility in order to be eligible for recruitment in an ITN project. As such, you must not have resided or carried out your main activity (e.g. work, studies) in the country of the recruiting university for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately before the recruitment date.

The eligibility of each potential applicant will be checked by the administrative management team. You may therefore be required to provide supporting documentation proving your eligibility for recruitment.

For further information, please consult this informative note (European commission website)