The LIVE-I project includes numerous network-wide training activities organized by academic and non-academic partners. Furthermore, to encourage early participation and research, the supervisory board is free to suggest interesting international conferences.

Trainings planned during the project, in chronological order:

Activities and eventsLead institution
1ITSW1 – 1st LIVE-I week/workshop “Gearboxes design – Modeling methods”
+ training courses T1 and S1
ECL 🇫🇷
2PE1 – 1st public event – “NVH of gear transmissions”
(training course T2)
VTC 🇫🇷
3Webinar on the technical WPs (training T3)TUDA 🇩🇪
4ITSW2 – 2nd LIVE-I week/workshop – “Tolerances and uncertainties handling”
+ training courses T4, T5 and S2
Uni-Na 🇮🇹
5PE2 – 2nd public event – “Design, uncertainties and Tolerances”
(training T6)
PWF 🇮🇹
6ITSW3 – 3rd LIVE-I week/workshop – Smart technologies for NVH design
+ training T7 and S3
7TPC1: Digital twins and data mining
(training T8)
COM 🇩🇪
8Team building event: Driving data acquisition on real car by all ESRsTUDA 🇩🇪
9ITSW4 – 4rd LIVE-I week/workshop – Active vibration and noise control
+ training T9, T10 and S4
ADA 🇵🇱
10TPC2: Lightweight structures through metamaterials
(training T11)
ECL 🇫🇷
11ITSW5 – 5th LIVE-I week/workshop – Experimental techniques for NVH
of gear transmissions;
training T12 and S5/S6
PWF 🇮🇹
12ITSW6 – 6th LIVE-I week/workshop – Clean vehicles issues – training S7COM 🇩🇪
13(PE) – Public event – LIVE-I seminar inside FVA (training T13)FVA 🇩🇪
14ITSW7 – 7th LIVE-I workshopVTC 🇫🇷
15All ESR will be encouraged to participate to open courses (see TP1)All
16(PE) – Public event – LIVE-I sessions within conferences –
minimum 4 dedicated sessions will be organised