ESR 9 : Sherif Okda

PhD title :

High frequency actuator, power electronics development

and design of demonstrator gearbox for active solution

Sherif Okda

Recruiting universityTechnical University of Darmstadt (DE)
Academic supervisorsProf. Rainer Nordmann,
Prof. Tobias Melz
Industrial partnerPowerflex (IT)
Industrial supervisorDr Mauro Fontana
SecondmentsCompredict (DE), Warsaw University of Technology (PL)
Start date 01/03/2021
Duration36 months

Short Bio

Sherif Okda got graduated and received his Bachelor’s Degree in 2013 and his Masters Degree in 2019 from the mechanical engineering department in Ain Shams University. During his masters, he worked in the design, manufacturing, and aerodynamic testing of an inflatable wind turbine blade.Also, he worked as a teaching and research assistant atthe department of mechanical engineering in Ain Shams University. Afterwards he co-founded a startup “Jozour” with his colleagues, they worked on turning date palm midribs (a wasted agricultural resource) into engineered wood panels. In addition, he worked for the center for sound, vibration and smart structures (CVS3) in the faculty of engineering Ain Shams university as a research assistant, where he worked in acoustic, vibration and thermal testing for different research projects.

He liked the LIVE-I PhD program for various reasons, as he is fond of the idea of sustainability and the one of the main goals of the project is reduce is to decrease the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the field of mechanical vibration is one of his favorite research interests. Finally, he is convinced that working with real-time industrial partners surely will bring him a lot of experience.


Project description

Besides passive approaches to reduce the weight, costs and energy consumption, active measures will be considered within LIVE-I. These require powerful and efficient actuatorsand power electronics. The development of these two components is the goal of this project. For an efficient design of the power electronics multiple question arise:

  • What is the required frequency operating range?
  • Which actuator type is suited?
  • Which kind of power electronic is suited?
  • How can the system be optimized?

The chosen actuators and power electronics will be optimized regarding efficiency, mass and a modular design. Simulations will be established to tackle this optimization. Promising concepts will then be manufactured and characterized. The final step of this project is to experimentally investigate the developed and manufactured components on a simple mock-up system with a real-time active vibration control system. One work package of this project is to build the proof of concept test-rig. The mock-up will be optimized regarding manufacturing costs and weight. This will lead to a poor NVH performance yielding a perfect example to demonstrate the efficiency of an active vibration control system comprising the new developed actuators and power electronics.


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