ESR 7 : Sina Soleimanian

PhD title :

Semi-active vibration control approaches

Sina Soleimanian

Recruiting universityUniversity of Naples (IT)
Academic supervisorsProf. Francesco Franco
Industrial partnerAdaptronica (PL)
Industrial supervisorDr. Przemyslaw Kolakowski
SecondmentsPowerflex (IT), Ecole Centrale de Lyon (FR)
Start date 01/11/2020
Duration36 months

Short Bio

Sina Soleimanian accomplished his BSc and MSc degrees in Mechanical Sciences both in Iran. What attracted his attention to LIVE-I research topics was its alignment with his academic interests enabling him to apply theoretical knowledge in a highly applied research. During his BSc program, he had an internship experience in Siahbishe Pumped Storage Power Plant getting him acquainted with the performance of active vibration controllers. On the other hand, the major focus of research during his MSc program was devoted to studying the vibration behavior of perforated lightweight structures.

He found the LIVE-I PhD programs concerned with noise and vibration control of lightweight gear transmission components. ESR 7 entitled “Semi-active vibration control approaches” is assigned for him which not only fulfills his research interests, but also meets real-time industrial requirements.

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Project description

The main goal of this ESR is the definition of a semi-active vibration control system and algorithm. The vibration control has also the objective of reducing the radiated noise according to the well-known ASAC (Active Structural Acoustic Control) approach.The semi-active approach should address the target of enhancing already optimized configurations versus non-linear behaviour or versus the reduced damping and transmission loss capabilities of configurations with reduced weight. The ESR will focus on the possibility to consider embedded configuration or innovative bearing systems. Some specific points to be considered further in this work are: Simulation strategies; Definition of semi-active materials and/or elements according to the industrial needs; Semi-active control of the housing structure; Semi-active control of the bearing structure. Inputs to this ESR projects are: industrial and manufacturing constraints; standard gearbox geometries ;NVH experimental characterization of available gearboxes; FEM ofavailable gearboxes.


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