ESR 3 : Daniel Amaral

PhD title :

Lightweight gearbox using novel housing architecture and materials

Daniel Amaral

Recruiting universityEcole Centrale de Lyon (FR)
Academic supervisorsDr. Michelle Salvia,
Dr. Pascal Fossat,
Prof. Mohamed Ichchou
Industrial partnerAdaptronica (PL)
Industrial supervisorDr. Przemyslaw Kolakowski
SecondmentsVibratec (FR), Unicamp (BR)
Start date 01/11/2020
Duration36 months

Short Bio

Daniel Amaral is a Mechanical Engineer, graduated from University of Porto, with three years’ experience working for leading global companies. After an internship at Continental AG, where he was responsible for developing an innovative system for rubber compound samples identification and transport, he worked at Vestas Wind Systems A/S as a Mechanical Design Engineer and did research and development of wind turbine projects intended to reach more efficient power solutions. Particularly he was accountable for mechanism design improvements, finite element simulations of extreme structural load cases, evaluation of fatigue effects on the components for maximizing the wind turbine life span.

His motivation to join LIVE-I project is the prospect of impacting the mobility of the future. He believes this is a key topic, where innovation represent a reduction in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, he is eager to learn and develop new skills, having the opportunity to work with advanced modeling tools and innovative meta-materials.

Project description

This ESR will be devoted to the housing lightening. The target is to consider the housing with new architectures and new materials in combination insome cases in order to achieve a lightening ratebetween 10 and 20%. A special attention will be devoted to numerical modelling issues connected to the broad band character of the behaviour and due to the expected densification and overlapping of the dynamics. Hence, a housing design based on a truss and skin architecture will be considered. Using of band-gap characteristics of periodic systems to improve the NVH performance of gearboxes; Introducing meta-materials configurations for the gearbox housing. Input of the ESR research are: Standard gearbox specifications/requirements; Gear vibroacoustic excitation calculation tool and housing dynamic response calculation method.


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