Training T3 – Webinar on the technical Work Packages

This training was held online on April 20th 2021. It consisted in online presentations of each technical Work Package, and it was organised by Technical University of Darmstadt. About this event This event covers the technical framework of the LIVE-I project and is focused on more general topics. This event is a great opportunity toContinue reading “Training T3 – Webinar on the technical Work Packages”

Training T1 – All about gear transmissions

This training took place online on February 25th 2021. It was entitled “All about gear transmissions” , and it was organised by Magna Powertrain. About this event This LIVE-I public training provides an insight how Magna Powertrain’s innovations ensure a sustainable route to energy-efficient, modern mobility. It focuses on basic transmission knowledge of conventional vehicleContinue reading “Training T1 – All about gear transmissions”

Public Event 1 – NVH of gear transmissions

The first LIVE-I public event will take place online on January 25th 2021. This event is entitled “Noise Vibration Harshness of gear transmissions” , and it is organised by Vibratec. About this event The LIVE-I project is an excellent opportunity to share knowledge on vibroacoustics of gear transmissions widely used in all areas of industry.Continue reading “Public Event 1 – NVH of gear transmissions”