The LIVE-I project

For several decades, vehicles have seen their weight increase to meet more demanding requirements of safety and comfort. At the present time, manufacturers need to drastically reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions without sacrificing any safety or comfort. Each vehicle element must be considered for weight reduction. In this regard, gear transmissions are a first choice candidate. They form a reliable, versatile, and efficient way to transfer power while representing a significant fraction of the vehicle’s mass.

LIVE-I project main objective is to achieve breakthrough technological progress in the design of lightweight gear transmission and to build an innovative training network in order to educate early stage researchers.

The technical objective of LIVE-I project aims at demonstrating a significant weight reduction of transmission using advanced modeling tools and digital twins together with advanced materials and systems.

Example of 3D printed gear
Example of carbon fiber housing

This objective will be pursued along different ways, each starting with mass reduction and exploring ways to achieve compromises between weight, efficiency, noise and vibration impacts.

The modeling will cope with physical complexities of the problem, connected to non-linearities, multi-scale character among others.

The weight/NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) and efficiency improvements of gear transmissions will be tackled by introducing new paradigms in the design of housing and components, using new meta-materials and meta-structures, studying the robustness of a given optimization with respect to real manufacturing conditions, developing smart concepts in accordance with vibroacoustic comfort.

The H2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie program is European Union funded programme for structuring researcher training, mobility and career development through:

  • Prestigious career opportunities
  • Excellent working conditions: very competitive salaries, employment contracts, full social security
  • Opportunities to work and train with the best researchers in Europe and worldwide
  • Access to top level conferences, professional associations & Marie Curie Alumni
  • Whole career training: complementary skills