ITSW6 – Clean vehicles issues and Technical Entrepreneurship

The sixth Internal Training Scientific Workshop will be held on May 15-17th, 2023. It is entitled “Clean vehicle issues”, and it is organized jointly by Technical University of Darmstadt and Compredict. It is organized together with :

  • Training T13 : Courses inside seminars organised by FVA,
  • Training S3: course on the knowledge transfer from the research to start-ups and business creation.

About this event

This sixth LIVE-I event consists in several meetings and trainings scheduled on three days. All nine ESRs, recruited within the LIVE-I project, will participate in the event and will present their respective progress of their research. University of Darmstadt in collaboration with Compredict engineering will offer lectures, from both academy and industry, dedicated to current trends and challenges on drivetrain technologies for cleaner vehicles, as well as enterprise creation. Finally, a private General Assembly will bring together all the members of the consortium, so that the global organization of the project, financial aspects, as well as the preparation of upcoming event will be discussed.

Organising committee

  • Sneha Rupa Nampally (Technical University of Darmstadt),
  • Prof. Stephan Rinderknecht (Technical University of Darmstadt),
  • Dr. Stéphane Foulard (Compredict),
  • Dr. Pascal Fossat (Ecole Centrale de Lyon)

Presentations (indicative list)

From PhD results to company founding, funding and scaling: Why not you?Dr. -Ing. Stéphane Foulard (Compredict GmbH)
Greenhouse gas reduction through
electrified semi-trailers
Adel Turić (IMS, TU Darmstadt)
How transmissions can help to build cleaner vehiclesProf. Dr. Christian Beidl, VKM, TU Darmstadt
Clean vehicle vibroacousticsDr.-Ing. Christian Adams (SAM, TU Darmstadt)
Reliability of printed circuit boards in automobiles: Analyse and OptimizeMoritz Hülsebrock (Fraunhofer LBF)
to be continued


For more information, see the agenda of the event.