ITSW5 – Experimental techniques for NVH of gear transmissions

The fifth Internal Training Scientific Workshop will be held on November 15-17th, 2022. It is entitled “Experimental techniques for NVH of gear transmissions”, and it is organized jointly by Powerflex, University of Naples Federico II , and Vibratec. It will also include :

  • Training T12 : Mid-high frequency vibroacoustics

About this event

This fifth LIVE-I event consists in several meetings and trainings scheduled on three days. All nine ESRs, recruited within the LIVE-I project, will participate in the event and will present their respective progress of their research. University of Napoli Federico II in collaboration with PowerFlex engineering will offer lectures, from both academy and industry, dedicated to experimental techniques for NVH of gear transmission. Finally, a private General Assembly will bring together all the members of the consortium, so that the global organization of the project, financial aspects, as well as the preparation of upcoming event will be discussed.

Organising committee

  • Prof. F. Franco (UniNa),
  • Prof. G. Petrone (UniNa),
  • Dr. Mauro Fontana (PowerFlex Engineering),
  • Dr. Pascal Fossat (Ecole Centrale de Lyon)


Fundamentals of experimental techniques in vibro-acousticsDr. Mauro Fontana (PowerFlex)
Evaluation of NVH phenomena through the analysis of vibro-acoustic measurements: some case studiesProf. Massimo Viscardi (UniNa)
Dynamic testing and simulations of gears and gearboxesProf. Francesco Pellicano (UniMoRe)
Study of the behaviour of gear transmissions through vibrational analysisProf. Vincenzo Niola (UniNa)
NVH development for best-in-class Hybrid & E-drive transmissionsDr. Maurice Dietzel (MAGNA)
Advanced experimental methods for failure detection in gears and bearingsDr. Hugo SIWIAK (VibraTec)


For more information, see the agenda of the event.