TPC2 – Lightweight structures through metamaterials

The second tutorial public course will be held online on Oct. 13-14th, 2022. It is entitled “Lightweight structures through metamaterials”, and it is organized jointly by University of Campinas, Brazil, and Ecole Centrale de Lyon, France.

About this event

This LIVE-I training is based on four lectures scheduled on two days. Three scientific presentations deal with methods and models to describe composite materials and propagation features of elastic waves into architectured materials. This lecture is offered by Ecole centrale de Lyon. Two lectures given by University of Campinas will address respectively the manipulation of waves in such 1D or 2D architectured materials, and the optimization of mechanical proporties/geometrical parameters of these structure to achieve vibration attenuation. This lecture will take the form of a workshop during which participants will have to manipulate a Matlab code.

Finally, one lecture is part of the soft skills trainings and is entitled “communicating to a larger audience”. During this presentation, a specific focus on the PhD defense preparation will be given to best prepare ESRs to their final defense.

Organising committee

  • Prof. Roberto Arruda (University of Campinas)
  • Dr. Pascal Fossat (Ecole Centrale de Lyon)


For more information, see the agenda of the event.