ITSW4 – Active vibration and noise control

The fourth Internal Training Scientific Workshop will be held in a hybrid format on July 10-13th, 2022. It is entitled “Active vibration and noise control”, and it is organized jointly by Adaptronica and the Warsaw University of Technology. It is organized together with :

  • Training T9 : Semi-active vibration and noise control
  • Training T10 : Vehicle dynamics

This event is organized alongside the 7th European Conference on Structural Control, during which a special LIVE-I session is integrated.

=> Check conference website for more details.

About this event

This fourth LIVE-I week consists in several meetings and trainings scheduled on three days. All nine ESRs recruited within the LIVE-I project will participate in the event and will present their respective topics within the dedicated LIVE-I session integrated into the conference programme. The General Assembly will bring together all the members of the consortium, so that the global organisation of the project, financial aspects, as well as the preparation of upcoming event will be discussed. Adaptronica will offer on lecture dedicated to Semi-active vibration and noise control, and the Warsaw University of Technology will offer two lectures devoted to vehicle dynamics, first is devoted to vehicle stability, second is focused on comfort.

Organising committee

  • Dr. Przemyslaw Kolakowski (Adaptronica)
  • Dr. Pascal Fossat (Ecole Centrale de Lyon)


For more information, see the agenda of the event.