Public Event 2 – Mechanical design, uncertainties and tolerances

The second Public Event will be online on June 14-15th, 2021. It is entitled “Mechanical design, uncertainties and tolerances”, and it is organized jointly by University of Naples and Powerflex.

About this event

This LIVE-I public training event is based on nine lectures scheduled in two days. The presentations discuss the general problem of the design of complex systems versus uncertainties and tolerances. The overall focus is on the design and optimization of gearboxes with also a specific industrial viewpoint. Nevertheless, some methodological aspects, useful for common complex systems, are addressed by the speakers as, for example, the use of non-deterministic approaches for system optimization, non-linear diagnostics, stochastic degradation models for reliability and maintenance applications. Therefore, the speakers are key experts for the technological or scientific areas analyzed and discussed in each presentation.

Organising committee

  • Prof. Francesco Franco (University of Naples)
  • Dr. Giuseppe Petrone (University of Naples)
  • Prof. Sergio De Rosa (University of Naples)
  • Dr. Mauro Fontana (Powerflex)
  • Dr. Pascal Fossat (Ecole Centrale de Lyon)


Tolerances and Uncertainties : An Industrial ViewpointDr. Claus Hermann Lang
– Magna Powertrain 🇩🇪
Engineering Design Optimization under Uncertainty – a Machine Learning ViewpointDr. Alice Cicirello
Uncertainty Propagation in Mechanical Systems: Formulation and ExamplesDr. Mohamed Amine Ben Souf
– Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Sfax 🇹🇳
Non-Linear Diagnostics of Mechanical SystemsDr. Chiara Cosenza, Prof. Vincenzo Niola
– UniNa 🇮🇹
About Stochastic Degradation Models and Their Application in Reliability and MaintenanceProf. Massimiliano Giorgio
– UniNa 🇮🇹
From CAD to FEM, Proper Modeling ToolsDr. Mauro Fontana
– Powerflex 🇮🇹
Modeling and Numerical Simulation of a GearboxDr. Fakher Chaari
– Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Sfax 🇹🇳
Gearbox Dynamic Behavior and Noise Variability: Sources, Consequences, Prediction and RobustnessProf. Joël Perret-Liaudet
– École Centrale de Lyon 🇫🇷
Robust Multi-Physical Optimization Applied to E-Powertrain DesignDr. Christian Clerc, Martin Jeannerot and Jessica Neufond
– VibraTec 🇫🇷


Participants from both academia and industry are welcome. Maximum number is 50. Participation is free of charge but registration is mandatory before June 10th, 2021.

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For more information, see the flyer, and agenda of the event.