Training T3 – Webinar on the technical Work Packages

This training was held online on April 20th 2021. It consisted in online presentations of each technical Work Package, and it was organised by Technical University of Darmstadt.

About this event

This event covers the technical framework of the LIVE-I project and is focused on more general topics. This event is a great opportunity to get a general overview on the different stages of product development with focus on NVH.

The training starts with a review on modelling in the context of vibro-acoustics. In order to validate a model, measurements are necessary. The second talk will give an introduction on how to obtain data from a car. One main focus of LIVE-I is to reduce the weight of the transmission throughout passive design. Two talks are given on the matter of lightweight design and passive isolation. The lightweight design causes the structure to be more sensitive to vibrations. Active and semi-active approaches can be taken to reduce the vibrations, which is the topic of second last talk. The final presentation focuses on the system integration with the example of a two-drive transmission.  

Each presentation is followed by an open discussion.

Organising committee

  • M. Sc. Jens Jungblut (Technical University of Darmstadt)
  • Dr. Pascal Fossat (Ecole Centrale de Lyon)


Review of modelling issue in vibro-acousticsProf. Dr. Francesco Franco
Introduction on how to access and log car dataDr. Stéphane Foulard
Passive mechanical isolation of vibrations, shocks & impacts by wire rope isolatorsDr. Mauro Fontana
Review of the main trends for passive lightweight design of gear transmission: pros and consProf. Dr. Mohamed Ichchou
Adaptive strategy implemented in a vibration damping deviceDr. Arkadiusz Mróz
Two-drive transmissionProf. Dr. Stephan Rinderknecht


For more information, see the flyer, and agenda of the event.