Public Event 1 – NVH of gear transmissions

The first LIVE-I public event will take place online on January 25th 2021. This event is entitled “Noise Vibration Harshness of gear transmissions” , and it is organised by Vibratec.

About this event

The LIVE-I project is an excellent opportunity to share knowledge on vibroacoustics of gear transmissions widely used in all areas of industry. This training day, open to the public, therefore offers the opportunity to better understand the physics that control noise and vibration of gears. After a reminder of the theory and the mechanisms that cause vibrations and sound radiation, from the contact forces between the teeth to the dynamic response of the casing, modeling tools and their use to solve industrial cases will be presented. Finally, recent developments on the simulation of complex gears and on the coupling with electric machines will be presented. Knowledge of these phenomena is gaining importance with the development of hybrid and electric motor vehicles.

Organising committee

  • Dr Christian Clerc (Vibratec)
  • Dr Pascal Fossat (Ecole Centrale de Lyon)


NVH issues related to gear transmissionsDr. Christian Clerc
Mechanisms of noise and vibration generationDr. Joël Perret-Liaudet
Industrial case study, simulation vs measurementsDr. Alexandre Carbonelli
Planetary gears modelingIng. Jessica Neufond
e-Machine vibroacoustics
and its contribution to powertrain vibroacoustics
Dr. Jean-Baptiste Dupont
Ing. Martin Jeannerot


Participants from both academia and industry are welcome. Maximum number is 50. Participation is free of charge but registration is mandatory before January 20th, 2021.

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For more information, see the flyer, and agenda of the event.